Meet The Team

Cindy Harris


I am a freelance court reporter by profession, but pretty much all my spare time is spent on rescue matters. Though I have rescued many cats one way or the other throughout my adult life, I started following the dog rescue community on Facebook in 2012 and took on my first foster dog in that November. I was exclusively a cat owner, so this was a big change for my home! Though my cats don’t exactly LOVE the presence of dogs, they have been pretty tolerant overall. 

I was involved with one rescue during these past three years plus, trying to be involved much more than just fostering, by running adoption events, approving applications, and various other administrative duties.

The other two directors of HHFR and I feel we have an excellent team to start our new rescue and have high expectations for our future! Thank you for checking us out and please join us in any way you can to fight the homeless dog situation in the Houston area.

You can support by sharing, donating, volunteering, and most importantly FOSTERING. 

Stephanie Mashburn


I cannot remember a time in my life that I didn’t love animals. But in hindsight, I did everything that would make a rescuer cringe. I had been rescuing and returning lost pets for years, keeping a few that when I couldn’t find their owners, but there is a distinct point when I truly became a rescuer.

I was walking my dog when I saw two young dogs on the main street near my home.  I took my dog home, and jumped in my car to go catch these two dogs.  My goal was to reunite them with their owners. With the help of another lady blocking traffic, we were able to get them in my car. Back at my house, I was able to get the Vet’s number off an old rabies tag. The Vet’s office called me back and was nice enough to give me the address. I loaded them in my car to take them home. I went up to the door and knocked; but the person that answered the door said they didn’t own any dogs.  I saw a beware of dog sign on the fence, two water bowls inside the fence along with an old igloo dog house, but THEY DIDN’T OWN ANY PETS! I went back to my car where two dogs were happily wagging their tails until I started driving away with them still in the car. My blood boiled.

You see, before that incident I thought every dog had a home. I thought every stray got out of their yard and just needed a helping hand to find their way back home.  I thought every owner loved their pets. I thought every owner would be frantically searching for their missing family member. In that one instant, I became a rescuer. Over the last three years, I have been volunteering with one specific rescue, while still working with lost dogs. Honoring Hope and Faith Rescue, Inc. (HHFR) is the next step in my journey as a dog rescuer.

HHFR has an excellent team and have high expectations for our future! Thank you for reading about our journey and consider joining the battle to erase the homeless dog epidemic in the Houston area. Please consider sharing, donating, volunteering, and fostering.  

Kayla Pippin


I have always loved dogs and I currently have two of my own and one foster dog. I currently work full time as a Proposal for a large commercial builder in Houston. My first dog, Gracie was adopted from the SPCA in 2007 and my other dog, Northwood was my first rescue who I found on my street at only 6 weeks old, dirty, full of worms and exhausted. Living in the Heights, it was common to see strays on our streets and I knew I had to somehow get involved. At the time I was following Melrose Park Neglected Dogs and they were posting for a foster for a dog they found kicked in the ribs, flea infested and strangled by a collar that was on too tight. I immediately stepped up to foster this sweet boy and never looked back. My fostering journey began in November of 2014 and I quickly realized my passion for saving dogs. I have been with the same rescue until starting Honoring Hope and Faith Rescue with Cindy and Stephanie. We are so excited to start this new phase in our lives and we hope you will join us!